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Pink Blossom

Step Into Spring

In 1912 cherry blossom trees were planted along the Tidal Basin and throughout Washington, D.C. as a gift of friendship to the U.S. from Japan. Since then, the cherry blossoms have attracted thousands to our nation's capital to celebrate their beauty and commemorate the start of spring. Capital City Events is pleased to offer experiences led on foot or in a private, safe vehicle starting and ending at the destination of your choice. Each vehicle undergoes several steps of cleaning and sanitization both inside and out prior to arriving. Both the driver and Master Guide will be outfitted with filtered masks and hand sanitizer and touch free bottled water can be provided upon request. Throughout the day our Master Guide will share historical facts and entertaining anecdotes as they escort you on your bespoke experience, all while ensuring your time exploring the city is as safe as possible.

Petal Palooza

Cherry Blossoms .jpg

Enjoy the magic of the cherry blossoms during this private tour of our capital city. Our Master Guide will escort you, via a private luxury vehicle to allow for physical distancing and health safety protocols, to West Potomac Park. Your guide will provide the history and horticulture journey of our trees as you walk along the Tidal Basin taking in the magnificence of the blooms amongst the memorials for Thomas Jefferson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Following an up close and personal look at what makes the Tidal Basin so special, you will embark on a short drive to continue a walking tour of cherry trees in a neighborhood of Washington D.C. that is truly a hidden gem. An afternoon spent enjoying Washington, D.C.’s famed cherry blossoms is sure to leave you with a spring in your step!

Blossoms by Bike

Bike 4 .jpg

A Blossoms by Bike tour is a leisurely 3-hour ride and a unique, active, and environmentally friendly way to enjoy the cherry blossoms in Washington D.C.! With the latest model bike, your private, licensed tour guide will whisk you away for a private ride around the National Mall and the Potomac’s Tidal Basin to get an up close and personal view of the famous cherry blossom trees. You will visit such sites as the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, the Washington Monument, and Lincoln, Jefferson, Vietnam, and FDR Memorials, all surrounded by the beauty of the blossoms. You will have the opportunity to make stops along the way allowing time to walk around and get an up-close look at each of the memorials and to snap beautiful photos of the blossoms. This completely customizable tour creates an intimate experience and safe way to view D.C. at this magnificent time of year!

Petal Paddle on the Potomac

Kayak .jpg

Kayaking on the Potomac is the perfect way for you to enjoy the sights of the city while also taking in the natural beauty of the cherry blossom blooms surrounding Washington D.C.! Today you will take a private vehicle to the Wharf, D.C.’s newest and trendiest area of the city. After checking out the river views and charming streets of the Wharf, you will receive your safety briefing and embark on your personal vessel to explore the Tidal Basin. During your excursion you will have the opportunity to view East Potomac Park, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, just to name a few! Whether a beginner or seasoned paddler, kayaking along the Potomac provides a unique opportunity to enjoy D.C.’s famed cherry blossoms.

Behind the Scenes at Mount Vernon

Mt Vernon.jpg

Enjoy a beautiful morning drive down the historic George Washington Memorial Parkway as you make your way to Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens, the home of our first President.  As you arrive you will be greeted by your VIP tour guide who will take you on a private exploration of the mansion and surrounding property.  While you explore the grounds and four gardens that Washington cultivated you will have the opportunity to enjoy the unspoiled view across the majestic Potomac River before entering the mansion.  As you explore the mansion you will gain access to the third floor and cellar, both of which are closed to the public.  Learn of the history and architecture of the home while hearing stories of the Washington’s, their guests and employees.  After exploring the mansion and grounds you will be escorted to the Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington.  With access typically restricted to researchers and scholars you will have the exclusive opportunity to view artifacts from pre-arranged categories including “Life at Mount Vernon” and “Defining Moments in our Nation”.   

Spring Scent Blending

Scent Blending 2.PNG

Delight your senses with a custom perfume, cologne, or essential oil scent blending experience! This guided scent blending activity is based on the science of Aromatherapy and the idea that scent can instantly adapt a mood and alter behavior. You will create a ‘Scent Profile’ that places you into a distinct personality grouping and therefore, your base scent will emerge. With your base scent in hand you will have the opportunity to choose additional notes to ‘top off’ your one-of-a-kind creation. Notes have been aligned with different attributes that Aromatherapy studies have proven to stimulate. Whether you prefer floral scents like jasmine and orange blossom, or more therapeutic aromas like lavender and chamomile, there is something for you! After your on-site experience, you will take your custom scent home in your branded or monogrammed bottle.

Power Walking in the Footsteps of Presidents


Today, you will join in a brisk power walk or light jog to the Tidal Basin to visit the famed monuments and memorials and view our beloved cherry blossom blooms!  On your walk, you will visit the FDR Memorial, MLK, Jr. Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and much more! Located along the Tidal Basin, the FDR memorial traces twelve years of American History through a sequence of four outdoor rooms - each one devoted to one of FDR’s terms of office. You will have the opportunity to enjoy cascading waterfalls and sculptures inspired by photographs that depict the 32nd President and the challenges he overcame, all surrounded by beautiful spring blooms. Next, continue your walk/jog to visit the Lincoln Memorial and learn of President Lincoln’s obstacles in preserving the unity of America during the Civil War. Finally, you will walk/jog to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to take in the sights and enjoy a beautiful spring day in Washington, DC!

Floral Arranging

Floral Class.jpg

Create something beautiful with a floral arranging class using seasonal spring blooms! During the class, you will work with a local florist and learn how to design your very own spring arrangement. Our talented florist will share her love and passion for floral designing and inspire you to continue your floral arranging practice after your afternoon together. Choose to keep your arrangement to enjoy in your home or donate it to a local non-profit organization and brighten someone’s day! Enhance your floral arranging class by taking a trip to a rural flower farm, where you can learn even more about the beautiful blooms!

Cherry Blossom Gifts

Chocolate 2.PNG

Give the gift of a beautifully curated Cherry Blossom gift box to celebrate the season and culture of the beloved trees that dress up the District each spring. From extraordinary cherry blossom teas, keepsake coffee table books, floral scented candles, or locally crafted chocolates to a variety of tasty and eclectic Japanese snacks, this custom gifting experience celebrates the festiveness of the famous blooms wherever you may be.

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